Thursday, 1 October 2015

11 things I learned throughout high school…

Friends will fade away but thats ok. - Throughout your years in education so far, you will have made new friends and lost old friends but thats perfectly normal. You will meet people who brighten your day and you find out who your true friends are. In high school, having things in common with people doesn’t really matter, its down to loyalty. Its who will be there for you when you need them the most that you cherish forever. A friendship also works two ways, if theres no effort on their behalf, accept that theres not really a friendship worth fighting for.

Everyone is battling their own battle. - The issues you may face at home or within your friendship group, I’m pretty sure very other individual faces too. Don’t judge a book before reading and be kind and understanding.

If you're a girl, basic essentials are key! - Even if you’re running late or have no organisation skills what so ever, essentials such as bobbles, kirby grips, a bottle of water, lip balm and ‘lady care’ are must haves for your school bag. The amount of times I’ve been desperate for a drink of water and didn’t have one handy is endless. Make sure you learn from this and don’t make my mistake. Its important to keep hydrated. :)

You can’t have it all. - You can’t be the most talented student, the funniest class clown, the brightest mind or the most attractive person. In the end it all comes down to face value. All that matters is your personality and how kind you are to others. 

Your parents do know best. - There has been many a time when I’ve gone against my mum and dads advice for me to then wish I had listened to them. They have lived in this world without you, however you haven’t lived without them. More often than not they would have experienced what your going through and may have some tips on how to deal with any issues or problems you’re having. Also they only want whats best for you, remember that.

Its ok to make mistakes. -  Not every move you make will be perfect. The best solution is to identify the mistake and learn from it. Everyday you grow more as an individual meaning mistakes are a necessary part of everyday life, but only you can decide how to overcome them.

Be a shepherd not a sheep. - Just because everyone is going out and getting drunk does not mean you have too. Chances are you’ll have just as much fun watching and interacting with the intoxicated than you would joining them. Also alcohol may not be your thing. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

Be the best version of you. - Because everybody else is taken. You are good enough, remember that! But also remember to love who you are. You can’t ask someone else to love you if you don’t have love for yourself. Do things that make you shine and make you happy and also surround yourself with the best people! This way you won’t go wrong. 

Have Fun. - High school is the time that your education becomes somewhat serious however don’t let this take away the fun and enjoyment that comes alongside it. These will possibly be some of the best years of your life. Its when you’ll meet new people and experience new things. Make sure you take a step back now and then to enjoy whats going on and treasure the memories forever.

Don’t look back with regret. Looking back now after my ‘high school experience’, there are many things which I wish I had of done differently or maybe took the opportunity to do. Rather than doing these I cared too much about what I looked like, or whether it was a cool thing to do or not. Please don’t let this hinder your chances of experiencing amazing things. Trust me you’ll regret it.

Your grades do not define you. - Last but not least, the grades you achieve for your GCSE’s do not determine the rest of your life. (Something I learned a couple of months back) Lets say I didn't achieve the grades I thought I would and had longed for. However college found something for me! Im now studying Business which was still available for me even though I didn’t get what I thought I needed. So the future is bright no matter what path you chose to take! As my Mum says “Your best is good enough” 

(we heart it)

These ‘lessons’ are just somethings I learned throughout high school. I hope some of you can learn from them or maybe pick up some tips to make your experience that bit better.

Thanks for reading

Meg x